Homework reinforces the skills we are learning in class.  Try to find a consistent time each night to work on homework, check work daily, and review incorrect classwork with your child.  One of the most important things you can do is to listen to your child read texts that are at their level every day as well as read texts that are slightly challenging to or with them to model good reading.



Every Friday, students will bring home a new poem to glue into their Homework/Poetry Folder.  Follow the Monthly Homework Log that tells you how to practice poems with your child.  It incorporates choral reading, echo reading, see-saw reading, and independent reading.



Word Work (Spelling)

Students will have word sorts that will come home weekly to be used as part of homework (see Homework Log for nightly activities).  Sorting words helps students recognize word patterns rather than memorize individual words.  Student lists will also be made available on Spelling City city weekly.  We use this app in stations in class, but students are welcome to access this at home for additional practice.  There are lots of activities at a variety of levels to choose from. (Students should not use Spelling-Test-Me at home).


Monthly Homework Log

Students will receive a Homework Folder with directions and resources to KEEP AT HOME.  They will also have a monthly Homework Log that the parent/adult should use to check off daily tasks.  Writing work will be attached along with printed math games that may be used as an alternate if students can not access iReady Math.  The Monthly Homework Log and attachments will be returned via the student’s GREEN DAILY FOLDER on the due date indicated on each log.  Each log is due the first school day of the following month to give students the entire month to work on assignments (i.e., September’s log is due the first school day of October).


***** 2018-19 HOMEWORK LOGS *****

Homework Folder Directions and Resources

September Homework Set

October Homework Set

November Homework Log

December Homework Log

January Homework Log

February Homework Log

March Homework Log

April Homework Log

May Homework Log