Homework reinforces the skills we are learning in class.  Try to find a consistent time each night to work on homework, check work daily, and review incorrect classwork with your child.  One of the most important things you can do is to listen to your child read texts that are at their level every day, and read texts that are slightly challenging to or with them to model good reading.



Every Friday, students will bring home a Poetry Folder.  Most weeks, there will be one poem for the week.  At the beginning of the year or for special occasions or curriculum, they may have more than one poem that we worked on in class.  We will fill out the Lucky Listener page at school.  Students should read the Poem(s) of the week to a Lucky Listener several times to practice fluency, phasing, and expression.  The Lucky Listener will sign in the box provided.  Students may also practice other familiar poems and are encouraged to do so, but please do not write on additional lines; we have one line for each weekend in our Lucky Listener Logs.  The time they spend reading their Poetry Folder counts toward their reading minutes (described on the Monthly Homework Log.


Word Work (Spelling)

Students will have weekly spelling words that will come home and be available for practice on Spelling City as well.  Students may practice sorting words or use the activities provided on Spelling City.

Word Sort Directions


Monthly Homework Log

Students will have a monthly homework log to record the number of minutes they read, work on Lexia, or work on ReflexMath.  The goal for each month and a suggested schedule is provided on each log sheet.  Please note that not all homework activities, such as working on words (spelling) or reviewing/correcting work is turned in on the log.  Homework logs are listed below.  Each log is due the first school day of the following month to give students the entire month to work on reaching or exceeding their goal (i.e., September’s log is due the first school day of October).

September Homework Log

October Homework Log

November Homework Log

December Homework Log

January Homework Log

February Homework Log

March Homework Log

April Homework Log

May Homework Log