Election Day 2016!

Today was an exciting day!  We explored election vocabulary and made vocabulary flip books.  Then we read informational text about the election process and the Democrat and Republican candidates.  After we registered to vote and made our voter ID cards, we went to our classroom polling booth and voted.  We still have 5 absentee ballots to come in and the results are close, with Hillary Clinton receiving 10 votes and Donald Trump receiving 8 votes  .  We can’t wait to see what the results are tonight when adult citizens finish casting their votes and they are counted!



Amazing Picture and Bar Graphs!!

We worked very hard the last week writing our survey questions, gathering our data, and representing the information we found out in a picture or bar graph.  Students also generated questions that could be answered using their graph and partnered with a friend who then completed the questions.  Last, students wrote a data report telling what they learned based on their survey results.  Check out what we learned in the video below!

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Our Survey Questions and Data Graphs Video

Check out our published book, WILD ABCs!!

We are sooooo excited to share our class book!  We spent weeks researching animals and recalling details to write and illustrate our individual Animal ABCs book.  Then, we revised our work and sent the finished copy off to the publisher.  A special shout out goes to Ms. Watson for sharing the app with us and helping us make our first digital version!  Click the link below to hear some amazing facts from some amazing readers!